Dear Community,

We bring you Metadium’s Bimonthly Report for May and June:

[Main Announcements]

Metadium announced in May that the information in CoinMarketCap didn’t reflect the updated META circulating supply:

We’ve seen a lot of concerns from the community about the Korean exchanges warning announcement but we would like to inform you that Metadium is not a “warning issued project”.


[In the Media]

Rep. Lee Kwang-jae, one of the Democratic Party’s presidential candidates, announced on the 27th that he would use Coinplug’s blockchain technology to evaluate policies ahead of the preliminary election in early July.

Dear community,

We would like to inform you that the current information in CoinMarketCap does not reflect the updated META circulating supply. This is why we are providing the correct amount of the circulating supply volume below:

[META circulating supply]

Total Supply: 2,000,000,000 META

Current Circulating Supply: 1,637,752,385 META

May: 1,637,752,385 META

June: 1,637,752,385 META

July: 1,637,752,385 META

Please keep in mind that the correct circulating supply is reflected in Coingecko


Metadium Team

Dear Metadium community,

Our team is conducting an AMA (Ask-Me-Anything) with our CEO, Justin Park. The AMA will be transmitted through our official YouTube channel in real time. You can send your questions through our official Korean telegram group (this AMA will be conducted only in Korean).


Date: May 6, 2021

Time: 19:00 hrs(KST)

Communtiy: Metadium youtube, Metadium Official Telegram(KOR)

Make sure to join the AMA!👋


Metadium Team

Dear Metadians,

Times are changing. More and more people are turning to Bitcoin and other virtual assets as an alternative solution to the current financial system. Besides, the fact that the market’s interest is centered on the institutional sector is very suggestive: it means that the real value of blockchain technology itself is spreading rapidly into our lives, moving away from the “simple” investment point of view. This also keeps the door open for blockchain technology to be used in new ways as a new market creation opportunity.

Dear Community,

We bring you Metadium’s Bimonthly Report for March and April. Our team will continue to publish this kind of reports moving forward.

[Main Announcements]

Metadium plans to provide the swap service to improve the payment function in THEPOL app, which currently only manages META. With this upgrade, users will be able to make in-app payments with more options than before. The swap service will be provided starting on June 1st.

2. Metadium announced a new NFT platform: METApie

METAPIE is Coinplug’s new platform that will support NFT issuance and P2P transactions through a marketplace based on the Metadium blockchain. …

Dear Community,

We’ve been getting a lot of questions regarding how to store your META, so we put together a META Storage Guide!

But first! if you haven’t swapped your META ERC-20 tokens to META coins on the mainnet, please refer to this guide.

Here are three apps that can help you store your META safely:

Keepin enables users to store META coins safely in an easy way. Users can simply and quickly deposit/withdraw META through a QR code, and manage additional wallets through private key registration in other wallets.

Dear community,

We are happy to share good news with you: MYKEEPiN, Coinplug’s identification and authentication service based on Metadium blockchain, will be used to offer a simple login to Moneytree users. Moneytree app is Galaxia Moneytree’s digital asset exchange platform.

With the support of MYKEEPiN’s simple login feature, Galaxia Moneytree can guarantee its users’ convenience while increasing their personal information protection. In addition, the company can reduce the risk of data leakage and its management costs by eliminating third parties.

The service will be officially launched on the 20th and, through it, the use of MYKEEPiN will continue to expand, bringing more users into the Metadium blockchain. As more companies join MYKEEPiN Alliance and implement MYKEEPiN, we expect to further grow the reach of Metadium.

We thank you for your continuous support.


Metadium Team

Dear community,

We want to share some exciting news with you today! : Metadium based Non-Fungible-Token(NFT) platform ‘METApie’ will come in June.

METApie will support NFT issuance and transactions through a marketplace based on Metadium blockchain.

The new platform will work with two other Metadium-based apps for DID identification and authentication: MYKEEPiN and THEPOL. Thanks to DID, users can create NFTs while choosing to disclose their identity or not.

Coinplug, leader of this project and Metadium’s main technical partner, announced its intention to expand its business areas into entertainment, gaming, luxury brands, e-sports, etc., by developing METApie. It will facilitate the creation of NFTs linked to digital content owned by members of MYKEEPiN Alliance.

METApie will launch with open beta service in June.

We thank you for your continuous support.


- Metadium Team

Dear community,

Today we are super excited to proudly celebrate the 2 year anniversary of the Metadium mainnet launch!

On March 17, 2019, we launched the mainnet v1.0. Thank you all for your support and continued interest in our project while we work to develop our ecosystem. The past two years have been filled with achievements and we want to share some significant numbers.

Metadium in numbers

a) Market Cap: $375,560,941

b) Circulating Supply : 1,637,752,385 / 2,000,000,000

c) 1y increased: 3379.7%

d) Number of wallets: total 1 026 851 accounts found

e) Public chain with daily transaction of 264000…

Smart and secure authentication for both individuals and businesses

Introducing the Metadium blockchain-based decentralized ID (DID) and personal information management service “MYKEEPiN” and “MYKEEPiN Alliance”, a decentralized identity authentication alliance.

MYKEEPiN is a Decentralized IDentifier (DID)-based digital signature service of Coinplug, a global blockchain company.

The MYKEEPiN app has been released since April 2020,
- Flybit exchange virtual asset certificate linkage
- Magic Eco Artificial Intelligence (AI) training certification
- Administrative exhibition access service
- Entrance and authentication service for unstaffed convenience stores
- Class V Virtual Reality (VR) online class certification

MYKEEPiN App has been designated as an innovative…


Creating a free world through self-sovereign identity.

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