Hello Metadium community,

We successfully completed an update in the Metadium blockchain for NFT functional support in July. Our platform is currently supporting METAPiE, an NFT marketplace. METAPiE is providing services in its beta version but will officially launch in December of this year.

The details of the development are as follows:

  • NFT-enabled Open API development
  • Get MRC721 Token List for a single address
  • Get MRC721 Token Inventory of a specific MRC721 contract
  • Get non-zero balance MRC721 Contract List for a single address
  • Get a list of "MRC721 - Token Transfer Events" by user address
  • Add NFT support UI.
  • Transfer tab
  • Holder tab
  • Inventory tab

Thank you,

Metadium Team

Dear communtiy,

We bring you Metadium’s Bimonthly Report for September & October:

[Main Annoucements]

  1. Metadium Announces BP NODE Partnership with 8 Companies

[In the Media]

We thank for your continuous support.


Metadium Team

Dear community,

We have some great news! Metadium-based NFT platform, METAPiE, has signed an MOU with Little Song Music, an IP (Intellectual Property) developer specialized in music contents.

With Little Song Music, METAPiE will add the music category to its growing list of content. The partnership will also support the sale and distribution of NFTs exclusively produced with Little Song Music’s content rights.

Through this partnership, the companies look to revitalize the NFT music copyright trading market and improve the benefits for music copyright holders.

Metadium Technology welcomes this new partnership as it will bring more traffic to our blockchain and expand our use cases.

As always, we thank you for your continuous support.

-Metadium Team

Dear Community,

We bring you Metadium’s Bimonthly Report for May and June:

[Main Announcements]

1. META Circulating Supply

Metadium announced in May that the information in CoinMarketCap didn’t reflect the updated META circulating supply:

2. Regarding the Korean exchanges warning announcement

We’ve seen a lot of concerns from the community about the Korean exchanges warning announcement but we would like to inform you…

Dear community,

We would like to inform you that the current information in CoinMarketCap does not reflect the updated META circulating supply. This is why we are providing the correct amount of the circulating supply volume below:

[META circulating supply]

Total Supply: 2,000,000,000 META

Current Circulating Supply: 1,637,752,385 META

[Monthly circulating supply change]

May: 1,637,752,385 META

June: 1,637,752,385 META

July: 1,637,752,385 META

Please keep in mind that the correct circulating supply is reflected in Coingecko


Metadium Team

Dear Metadium community,

Our team is conducting an AMA (Ask-Me-Anything) with our CEO, Justin Park. The AMA will be transmitted through our official YouTube channel in real time. You can send your questions through our official Korean telegram group (this AMA will be conducted only in Korean).


Date: May 6, 2021

Time: 19:00 hrs(KST)

Communtiy: Metadium youtube, Metadium Official Telegram(KOR)

Make sure to join the AMA!👋


Metadium Team


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