THEPOL service will be implemented in the film industry

2 min readFeb 4, 2021

Dear community,

In previous posts we introduced THEPOL, a survey and poll service based on Metadium blockchain. With only a few months after its launch the service has earned the trust of different companies and it is now moving into the film industry.

Coinplug + Cine21

Our technical partner, Coinplug, recently signed an MOU with Cine21, a film-specialized online magazine. Through this partnership THEPOL’s technology will be incorporated into Cine21’s film database and network, which they’ve gathered in the last 26 years.

Coinplug stated that the main goal of this agreement is to establish a service that can be developed into a global platform that used Metadium blockchain technology.

What this means for the film industry

In recent years, many famous Korean and International film awards are losing their recognition due to controversies over the voting process and exclusivity. THEPOL can fix this: surveys and polls are recorded on the blockchain, allowing anyone to verify the process and results, hence avoiding any manipulation.

THEPOL and Metadium

As THEPOL service continues to expand its reach into other fields, the Metadium blockchain also grows. THEPOL uses META as a reward for survey and poll participants, this means that the more THEPOL is used the more companies and people will use META.

Metadium Team will continue working hard and bringing you more news and updates.




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